Energy Features

Spring Valley Homes, Inc. offers energy-efficient homes that provide the homeowner with many benefits.

Lower Monthly Expenses:

An energy-efficient home saves on monthly utility bills.  Spring Valley Homes, Inc. homes have an estimated heating/cooling cost of only $480/year and the total monthly utilities average only $125.

Improved Comfort:

An energy-efficient home will feel more comfortable because wall surface temperatures are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  A tightly built home with advanced windows will eliminate drafts that draw in unwanted temperatures and air pollutants.

Higher Market Resale Value:

A new study funded by the "EPA" concluded that energy-efficient homes have a higher resale value.  It was also found that the home's value increases $20 for every $1 reduction in the average annual utility bill.

Quality Construction:

To achieve energy-efficiency, Spring Valley Homes, Inc. pays attention to construction details.  This assures the homebuyer of a quality home.

Standard Energy Features:

*    Argon gas filled Low-E3 glass vinyl windows 

*    R-19 sidewall insulation

*    R-49 ceiling insulation

*    R-13 basement wall insulation

*    Insulated fiberglass exterior doors

*    Electric heat pump/Electric back-up furnace

*    High efficiency "Marathon" water heater (lifetime warranty)

*    Electronic, programmable thermostat

*    All heat runs sealed (mastic or foil tape)


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